Hunters and Game Estate Owners

We provide an on-board pack to potential suppliers to be completed before supply can commence as well as a number for bookings by phone or text message. Delivery times are from 6:30am-4:30pm week days and only by prior booking.

We can provide assistance with Animal Material Depot chillers and transport to the plant.
Our hunter suppliers receive a detailed report of each delivery explaining opportunities for improved returns from better carcass presentation or harvesting. Payments are made in a timely fashion the week following delivery by direct bank transfer.

Our hunter suppliers can assist with culls on game estates or of farmed animals gone feral.
Southern Alps Meats is passionate about developing demand for other wild species and we are always ready to talk about opportunities to process these species, especially during the winter.

We recognize the impact that commercial hunting may have on recreational hunting in some areas. We encourage our commercial hunting partners to act responsibly at all times and in accordance with all relevant legislation and best practice.


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