Happiness is a full chiller

With some decent summer weather the wild red deer are starting to pour in from our hunters.

This mob of West Coast wild red deer were delivered in early December courtesy of founder and shareholder Gus Gordon at Glacier Country Helicopters . They were shot from GCH’s flash new NOTAR helicopter and we’ve put a few photos up on Instagram of a recent hunt.

We work closely with a group of hand-picked hunters throughout the South Island to co-ordinate a steady supply of  deer, tahr and other species throughout the year. We provide new hunters with a manual detailing delivery, data and field-dressing standards as well as a whole heap of feedback on how to present the carcasses for the best possible return. Our hunters work in well with one another to share transport, parts, tips and chillers to their mutual advantage.

Throughout 2018 we hope to add a few new faces from the East Coast of the South Island and the Nelson / Marlborough area in particular. If you are interested in supplying us, check out the Suppliers page.

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Poppy Tuck