Wild Meat from New Zealand

We are New Zealand's premier exporter of Wild Meat and Game.
Processors and exporters of Wild Venison, Goat and Alpine Tahr to discerning customers around the world.

A passionate team adding value to healthy Wild Meat and co-products

  • Specialists in Wild Meat

    Wild is what makes us different. All of our animals are sourced from the wilds of New Zealand's South Island by dedicated hunters licensed by the Department of Conservation. Our team of butchers are experts in their craft and our objective is to honour the unique meat we are supplied by continually improving the range, return and quality of finished goods we produce.

  • A talented team who love a challenge

    We employ a team of talented and experienced butchers who can prepare a wide range of specifications and cuts to consistently delight you and your final customers. We welcome our customers to visit the plant and show us first-hand how they want products prepared to their exacting standards.

  • Adding value

    In addition to Wild Meat we are marketers of co-products for traditional medicinal, pharmaceutical and petfood uses, skins and hides as well as offal and bones. The "fifth quarter" as we call it, offers tremendous opportunities and we are as passionate about these products as the Wild Meat we sell.

  • Wild Meat is natural and healthy

    Our Wild Meat contains no hormones and no antibiotics. Venison is low in fat and higher in iron than Beef or Lamb. It is an excellent source of protein as well as beneficial Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids. Contrary to popular belief Wild Venison, particularly from the South Island, does not have a strong or gamey flavour and it is a firm favorite with chefs who appreciate the taste of natural meat.


Our meat is Wild at Heart

Our meat is sourced throughout the South Island of New Zealand by a group of experienced hunters and helicopter pilots. The majority of animals are harvested on Department of Conservation land but we also work closely with farmers and game estate owners who wish to have our hunters cull animals on their land.

Southern Alps Meats - Boneless Shoulder

Inspection and temperature control at every stage

We are open and busy year-round with an emphasis on Red Deer in the summer and autumn months. Carcasses are received skin on with head and pluck attached for post-mortem inspection by Asure Quality. Carcass dressing, boning and general compliance is in conjunction with the Ministry for Primary Industries. Temperature control is strictly monitored from harvest to temporary storage depots and onwards to our factory.

From salted Wild Red Deer Skins to tanned Fallow Deer skins to Tahr dorsal strips for Gamsbart.
From Venison Jerky to Bistro Steaks to Striploins. From Deer Tails to Hocks and Tendons.
We can offer the widest range of products derived from natural Wild Meat and Game.

Ready to find out more?

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Supplier Glacier Country Helicopters helps West Coast cleanup efforts

Southern Alps Meats Procurement Manager Gus Gordon through his Glacier Country Helicopters business has been helping the West Coast cleanup efforts in conjunction with the Maritime NZ National Response Team. Tonnes of rubbish has been collected by volunteers after an old landfill was opened up by severe weather 3 weeks ago. Forest & Bird, Greenpeace…

Southern Alps Meats First Anniversary

It’s a year ago this week that we started processing wild red deer at PH07 in partnership with Streamlands Export NZ Limited. Thanks to the support of a great bunch of hunters, staff, customers and shareholders we have far exceeded our expectations for the first year in terms of deer numbers. We’ve got a lot…

Happiness is a full chiller

This mob of West Coast wild red deer were delivered in early December courtesy of founder and shareholder Gus Gordon at Glacier Country Helicopters . They were shot from GCH’s flash new NOTAR helicopter and we’ve put a few photos up on Instagram of a recent hunt. We work closely with a group of hand-picked hunters throughout…